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About Us

About Us


Founded by Allen L Armstrong and Ruth V Armstrong, PhD, Encephalo Associates, Inc (www.Encephalo.com) is a consulting firm specializing in technology solutions for marketing, sales, and business back offices. Marketing technology and analytics is our technical thrust, while our business focus is on advising and working with small to mid-sized enterprises to develop sound customer, product, and promotional strategies, taking a cost-conscious approach.

In line with this philosophy, Encephalo Associates has developed and launched the DirectLandings SystemTM to help sales and marketing professionals deal with long sales cycles, customer acquisition and retention challenges. This tool delivers a company's branded, personalized, marketing message to customers and prospects, utilizing a proprietary process, and builds-in reporting features on campaign results.

Website Demo: www.DirectLandings.com

Developed as an offshoot of the DirectLandings System, our most recent product is CareerLandings, a system that enables job-seekers to quickly build and customize a personal website for each potential employer. Unlike other "personal website" solutions, only CareerLandings lets a job candidate show each employer a cover note, a version of their resume, and a collection of other documents, all customized for just one particular job opening. In today's crowded job market, CareerLandings helps candidates to stand out from the crowd, landing the job sooner.

About our principals

Allen Armstrong

Allen is a technology and marketing professional with a 25-year background in providing cost-effective, results-oriented solutions for his clients, including spending the past 15 years focusing on the utilization of technology to support and improve business and marketing processes. In technology, ad agency, and marketing consulting roles, Allen has helped develop solutions in all media for clients of various sizes and industries, including McDonald's, Federal Express, Citibank, Hyatt Hotels, Infinium Capital Management, KDA-Kitchen Distributors of America, and Sargento Foods. For the DirectLandings and CareerLandings systems, Allen has been entirely responsible for technical development.  Technical Profile (pdf)


Ruth Armstrong

Ruth has an extensive background sourcing and analyzing data, and planning customer relationship management programs based on research findings. Since earning her PhD, Ruth has used data insights to develop and guide customer-centric solutions for a variety of clients and organizations, including marketing technology firms (marchFIRST, Acxiom/May&Speh), growing product firms (Morningstar, American Medical Association), and marketing agencies (Leo Burnett, Campbell Mithun). For DirectLandings and other client initiatives, Ruth focuses on using performance metrics and analytics to keep marketing, sales, and service initiatives aligned with corporate strategy and objectives. In addition, she is certified in Contact Center Benchmarking and Auditing through the Purdue University Center for Customer-Driven Quality.

What does "Encephalo" mean?
Pronounced "en-SEF-uh-low," it's derived from ancient Greek and Latin for of the brain. Thank you for wondering.


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