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  • Business Intelligence and Customer Knowledge
    • Research and Analysis of Target Audience and Customer Base
    • Situation Analysis -- Competitive Environment, Macro-Environment, SWOT
    • Research and Analysis of Product/Service Offerings
  • Corporate Visioning and Identity Programs
    • Mission and Goals Statements
    • Visual and Conceptual Branding, Taglines, Positionings
  • Strategic Planning for the CRM Organization -- Aligning Sales, Marketing, and the Customer Contact Center to Manage Customer Relationships
    • Technology Growth Plans
    • Human Resource Development Plans/Alliances and Partnerships
    • Process Engineering
  • Scorecarding for the CRM Organization
    • Testing, Benchmarking, and Performance Metrics
    • Dashboards
  • Campaign Plans
    • Objectives, Strategies, and Tactics
    • Forecasts and ROI Analysis, Performance Measurement and Action Plans
  • Bootstrap Marketing PlanTM (customized plans scaled to self-financed and emerging companies)


  • Tactical Execution
    • Broadcast Advertising
    • Print Advertising
    • Collateral Materials
    • Promotions
    • Media Relations
    • Market Research
    • Customer Contact Center (Phone-Email-Web) Programs
    • Search Engine Marketing
    • Email and Direct Marketing
  • Technical Execution
    • Data Audits, Needs Assessments, and Resource Plans
    • Customer and Business Information Systems
    • Database Development and Management
    • Website and eCommerce Development, Integration, and Support
    • Web-to-Database Integration
    • Personalized Email Campaign Management, Broadcast, and Support
    • Personalized Landing Page/Microsite Development, Management, and Support
  • DirectLandingsTM (personalized and branded email-to-web or postal-to-web system for lead generation and customer retention)
  • CareerLandingsTM (enables job-seekers to quickly create, for each prospective employer, a customized one-to-one website that includes a unique version of their resume and other materials)


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